Congratulations! You found your love one that you want to spend eternity with! Once all the butterflies settle and you tell all your friends and family and post about it on social media its time to figure out what to do next. It may seem overwhelming but hopefully these tips will get you started in the right direction.

1. Planning – wedding planners are perfect people to meet with and to help you plan your day. They take the stress out of everything and take in to consideration all your ideas and themes and keep you organized and fin a way to make things happen. If you don’t have that planned in your budget a helpful binder or folder will help you keep things nice and organized. You can find pretty templates to download and print on Etsy for about $10. They might even have a template for when you should do certain things. This will keep all your thoughts, ideas, contact information in one organized place to reference.

2. Booking – Some key people are to be considered in the beginning because venues, photographers and yes even videographers book out at least a year in advance if not two. So if you have your eye on someone or someplace, reach out to them as son as you can.

3. Style – Pinterest will be your best friend when it comes to finding new creative ideas and keeping up with the latest trends. Here you would be able to find everything and even things you didn’t think of. Do a quick search of “2018 wedding ideas” and see what comes up. Style goes along with your personality. Are you laid back and love nature? I’d suggest a venue that is outside or has access to outdoors.

4. Photo and video – If you haven’t heard yet, one of the biggest regrets is not hiring this to capture your day. When it comes to this there are different styles of cinematographers and photographers. Some old style and some modern and timeless. I found that the best results are photographers and cinematographers that use natural light and capture natural moments end up having the best results. This also doesn’t interrupt you throughout your day.

5 . Venue – Finding a venue is a lot of fun, I love exploring new places and when I got married I was able to get amazing tours of different venues.

6. Fun – Don’t forget to have fun with your loved one in discovering new things, styles, people and places. In the end its the biggest and best party you can ever have!

These are some of the main components and there are so many more details to figure out but this should help you get started in the right direction. Pinterest will help you discover new things, your planner will help you keep track.