The Toast.

I know, it can be a daunting experience especially if you have never written one before or even stood up in front of a lot of people. We put together some great tips for you to help you make the best toast anyone has ever heard before and will make them cry, laugh and standing ovation at the end. Well, we can’t guarantee the standing ovation, but we can try!

Since you just found out that your best friend and their significant other are getting married a year and a half away form now, don’t procrastinate. Start to think of sweet things about the two of them. Start writing stuff down, think of things that the two of them make you feel or fun stories that express how much they love each other. Tell their story. A lot of the time the bride and groom don’t get a chance to say anything. Also practice talking in front of groups if you are nervous. This is a great honor and a gift you can give them.

The Recipe.

  • Introduce yourself and who you are to the couple.
  • Thank the parents if they put the wedding on. Also do a shout out to grandparents or anyone who traveled far for the wedding.
  • Choose one story about how you know the bride or groom that speaks to their character. Ex. If they are fun, share a fun story about when you guys had the most fun and say at the end something like, “and thats why they are a lot of fun. I can see why bride/groom is going to marry them.”
  • How they met story.
  • Say something nice about the person your friend is going to marry.
  • Story of how nice the couple are, and a story of how nice they are together.
  • “When you knew that they would be perfect for each other.” story.
  • Say a nice quote that you found that describes them and their personality. Ex. If they like reading a certain book or a song, find a quote that relates to being married forever or about love.
  • A nice way of ending, say congratulations and a short toast you made up, while holding your glass high. Ex. “I wish you a lifetime of happiness, to the new Mr. and Mrs. Soandso!”


Not to Include:

  • Never start out saying “For those of you who don’t know, I’m your name….” We have heard that phrase way to many times.
  • No inside jokes.
  • No ex-relationship talks.
  • Never say anything negative about the bride or groom. Ever.
  • It’s not a stand up routine, be genuine and heartfelt too.
  • Not a roast.
  • Keep it classy. You are talking to a room full of family and older people as well.


Tips on Presentation:

  • Practice a few times before to familiarize yourself
  • Keep it clear and enunciate
  • Aim for 3 – 6 minutes
  • Speak slow
  • Don’t memorize the speech, no one is expecting you to
  • Practice with somebody else who is a good listener for tips
  • Print a copy but also have a copy on a phone for back up
  • Look up at your audience and the couple. Even if you don’t make eye contact, look to the back of the room every now and then.
  • Be yourself and have fun!


Now that you have the recipe, you will be set up for success! Comment below how long the standing ovation was for you!