Sarah & Tyler at Marriott Syracuse Downtown
January 12, 2019

We met in the 7th grade while running modified cross country. We became friends in the 8th grade and developed innocent junior high crushes. We went our separate ways upon entering high school and came back together our senior year just weeks before graduation. We spent every day together the summer before going away to college. The rest is history.

Tyler was living in Rochester at the time we got engaged. I was living home in Syracuse about to start my last semester of nursing school. We had just finished a final exam and one of my girlfriends had set up a “girls day” shopping, lunch, manicures. Tyler had made a secret trip home to Syracuse while my friend was distracting me with a girls day. My entire family and friends were in on it. I got to my moms house and there were rose pedals leading to our living room. Tyler was down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Our parents were up the street waiting for our call. Later that evening, my entire family surprised me with a huge party to celebrate our engagement.

when planning the wedding we wanted our style to be simple but elegant. So naturally we chose the Marriott Syracuse Downtown. Specifically the Persian Terrace, where my parents had their wedding and Tyler’s father and his late wife had their reception. We wanted to get married in Syracuse as that’s where we were born and raised and plan on raising our family.

Pinterest was my best friend for a long time before we were even engaged (I was being proactive). We used wedding wire where we planned our guest list, added entrees, made our website, and found most of our vendors.

we wanted to capture our day where we could look back and re-live moments we loved and remember moments we might have missed in the chaos.

No surprises, surprises make me anxious. 🙂

plan all you want the days leading up to the big day. Once a the big day comes let go and enjoy the magic you and your spouse made together.

the moments leading up to walking down the isle, getting ready at my moms house with my bridal party, the crazy after-wedding pictures

If you want something a certain way, don’t be afraid to voice it. It’s a day for you and your new spouse, no one else needs to put their two sense in unless you ask 🙂

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