My wedding day!
April 14, 2015

So this is what the best day of your life feels like.


I knew Nicole about a year before I asked her to marry me, in that time I learned so much about love. I learned that true love means to never give up on somebody and to always have their best interest in mind.

I learned that you always have someone talk to, its really amazing to be able to be able to truly rely on someone like that.

Just some of the things I love about Nicole is that she always thinks of other people first, she makes me laugh more than anyone has ever made me laugh before, we share the same interests, she is super smart, she always pushes me to do better and make the best decisions, she is a great chef, she has style, she is beyond graceful, and she is beautiful. These are just a few of the things that I love about her.

The wedding day took a lot of planning to make it a special day for us. Nicole made a lot of things herself, enlisting the help of our family and bridal party. We put together our favors, decorations, and even stuffed our programs with lavender and balsam as a modern environmentally friendly ‘rice toss’; amongst other things. Our great friend Janelle who is an amazing photographer was available to be our flower girl and our photographer for the day. Another one of our great friends; Tom was her second shooter. All our paper products, from invitations to place cards were designed by Rachel Herman, whose work is really amazing and we were so happy with everything she did for us!

For the music during the ceremony and cocktail hour we enlisted the music stylings of The Old Main who are great guys, you can see a song they played at the wedding here:

So who does a wedding videographer hire to shoot their wedding? Zach Cullen. We were really picky as to who we would go with and Zach really captured the day perfectly. We met him because of our wedding, and now I consider Zach a friend and am grateful to have someone to talk video with.

We had Sean “S-Dot” and Myle Walker from The MoveMent as our DJ’s, they did an amazing job getting everyone onto the dance floor. We were so fortunate to have great friends who work in the wedding industry so that on our big day we were surrounded by the most amazing people, we are so grateful to all our friends and family who made the day so amazing!

So what’s next? Well, I’ll be making more videos of our random adventures that we go on so you can find out!