How did the two of you meet?
We met in high school, we went to the movies with other people on a double date, and ended up liking each other instead!

What happened the day he proposed? How did he do it?
We had just had a long weekend because of snow days, and we had come in from a walk in the snow, and he proposed in our new house before Valentine’s Day, but the day after our 11 year anniversary.

What were the main influences behind the style of your wedding, it’s location and your venue choice for your big day?
We wanted it to be wintery and delicate. We chose The Cannery because it was a different style than we had ever seen, and we thought the mix of the old with the soft delicate look our florist would provide would make it a neat combination.

How did you approach wedding planning? did you use any computer systems, apps or social media?
We had planned my older sisters wedding not too much earlier, so we had some practice and knew where to start this time! The first thing we did was choose our venue, and we went with many of our venues recommendations for the other aspects, like flowers, DJ, photography. We went online to look at reviews, but overall we just knew that first was the venue, and everything else would follow.

What made you decide to hire a videographer?
My older sister said that was one of her only regrets about her wedding, that she felt that it went by so fast and it was hard to take it all in, so she felt like she missed a lot and would’ve liked to look back at more than just pictures.

Did you have any surprises for each other, or for your guests on your wedding day?
The choreographed dance was a surprise to our family and guests, and people seemed to love it!

What would your top tips be for somebody planning their wedding?
– Book the venue first, then follow up shortly after with other services.

– Make sure if you are using recommendations from the venue or friends, you look into them yourself.

– Remember to have fun, it’s a party!

What were your favorite parts of your wedding day (or perhaps most memorable)?
-The ceremony. Short and sweet- but meaningful and really special to us.

– Our first dance, we thought having it choreographed might be stressful to remember, but it wasn’t! It was a really fun bonding experience before the wedding, and it’s something we’ll remember forever!

Any advice for brides currently in the planning process?
-Don’t get caught up in little details, loosen the reigns and let people help you. Make your biggest concerns known, and then enjoy the process.

– Don’t get too much outside advice, it may skew what you want or make decisions too complicated! Use the people closest to you for advice and ideas, and let others be surprised!

Anything else you would like to share?
We’re really excited to see the video! The day really does seem to fly by, so I can’t wait to see the footage and experience it again!


Wedding ceremony venue – The Cannery
Wedding reception venue – The Cannery
Catering – Dibbles Inn
Photographer – Rebecca Sheets
Wedding dress – New York Bride
Bride accessories & shoes – J.C. Penny
Bridesmaid dresses – The Dessy Group
Bridesmaid accessories & shoes – Etsy
Groom’s attire & accessories & shoes – Men’s Warehouse
Groom’s party attire – Men’s Warehouse
Hair – Sassy Expressions Hair Design – Such an amazing job! They work together so well, and have great vision!
Make up & beauty – Kristin Ciotti – She is absolutely outstanding! Makeup can be scary, but she made us look very natural despite all of the makeup. So happy and impressed!
Venue décor – Charmaine Tolle
Wedding cake – The Bakehouse
Wedding favors – I made the jam, used Vistaprint to order labels, and my mom put on the bows.
Wedding rings – Jared
Florist – Charmaine Tolle