How did the two of you meet?

We met by going out one night when we were home in Syracuse on our college winter breaks, we happened to have mutual friends that brought us together.

The day Matt proposed we were in Philadelphia, PA.  Matt went to college there and I thought I had planned this whole weekend to visit one of his favorite places for the first time, but he had even bigger and better plans. I knew we were going to a nice dinner that night but before heading there, he told me we were going to stop in Fairmount Park to see one of his friends. As we were walking down the hill to go find his “friend” he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was completely shocked!

The main factors that played into our venue choice were the amount of people we were going to be inviting to the wedding, we knew it was going to be a big wedding just based on our family sizes, especially mine. So we wanted one big room where everyone could be together. The other piece was the convenience for everyone coming to celebrate with us that day. We had a ceremony and reception sight walking distance from one another and the reception venue had a hotel connected so there was no need for transportation for guests. The style of the wedding really came from my favorite flowers (hydrangeas), my favorite colors, and the overall look and feel of the Grand Ballroom. Everything came together perfectly from there.

I did a lot of wedding planning using Pinterest, The Knot, and any other sites I could find that helped me research!

The ultimate deciding factor for us in hiring a wedding videographer was the ability to relive our day all over again, especially to have a keepsake that allows us to look back and see/hear our family and friends on that day anytime we want.

Matt was overjoyed to be able to use his very own samurai sword to cut our wedding cake, which is something most people did not expect! I also surprised my mom with having the band sing happy birthday while I brought her a special cupcake to celebrate her 60th birthday, which was the day after our wedding!

Our top tips for planning a wedding would be to stick to what you as a couple truly envision for your day, because it is your one special day. And to keep reminding yourself throughout the wedding day to stop and take everything in because it goes fast, but it’s amazing!

We loved every second of our day so this is always a hard question to answer! But the time that doing a “first look” gave us to be alone as a couple on the wedding day was very special, I think it gave us some time to relax and helped to truly enjoy the entire day.

I would say the same thing as I said for anyone planning a wedding! But also not to sweat the small stuff, because it won’t matter on your wedding day!

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