Katelynn & Jordan
March 12, 2019

We met through friends. I was home (in Massachusetts) from Florida for the holidays. Jordan was visiting his family, who are all from Massachusetts, also for the holidays. I went out with friends and he was out with his family. One of whom was dating my good friend.

Very typical day. Worked on the farm and went to the barn to do evening chores. We had dinner plans and Jordan was acting so bizarre. Pacing and wandering. I came downstairs once I was ready and he called me into the kitchen and did it there!

We live in a very rural area and Jordan’s family has a dairy farm. Rustic, natural and industrial feel like they fit our lives really well.

We used The Knot some and had a planning book. But we honestly looked through it just a few times.

Watching countless videos of other couples and loving them. Knowing we would cherish a professional wedding video for years to come.

I wrote Jordan a journal for a full year before we got married which I gave him the morning of our wedding.

Jordans: Saying I don’t care probably isn’t wise. Use I don’t have a preference instead.

Katelynns: Start things early. We tried to get as many things done as soon as we could so when the day got closer we could enjoy the time. Of course dozens of things you wouldn’t think of do come up. But it’s nice to not have a huge list.

Make lists! Try to stay organized and stay of pinterest once you have a vision. It clouds your thoughts so much!


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