Joe & Renee at Vernon Downs Casino
July 20, 2013[/embed]

Joe has been an acquaintance of mine for some time, and when he came to me about shooting his wedding I could see the excitement in his eyes. When I met Renee I could see why. These two are a very sweet couple, each of them with a distinct sense of style. Their wedding was so unique, they put a little of themselves into everything. From the flowers to the cake topper, you could tell how much of their personality went into this wedding.

The ceremony was held at Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Utica, NY

We then were able to go to Forrest Hill Cemetery for some really awesome shots before heading to the reception held at Vernon Downs Casino in Vernon, NY. The whole night was really incredible, Thank you to both Joe & Renee for letting me be there on your big day and congratulations to you both!