Jess & Phil at Vernon Downs Casino
October 23, 2013[/embed]

When I sat down with Jessica a year prior to her wedding I got to listen to the story of how they first met and soon learned that Jessica & Phillip are perfect for each other, before I even had the pleasure of meeting Phil! You could tell how excited she was, not just for the wedding, but for the marriage. They had dated for quite some time before being engaged, and the life they shared together before the wedding was really incredible. Prior to the big day, Jess and Phil wrote really heartwarming letters to each other which they read the morning of the wedding. The letters they wrote to each other where so thoughtful and caring, Jessica almost couldn’t get through the whole thing.

Their ceremony was held at St. Peters Church in Rome. The family and wedding party were so nice to work with, it was great to see everyone come together to support this lovely couple. The reception was at Vernon Downs Hotel in Vernon Downs, New York. The dancing was awesome! Jess and Phil have an energy on the dance floor that just can not be matched! Congratulations to Jess & Phil!