For the first time was when we were kids…Jon’s dad was doing electrical work for my (Erin’s) dad and would bring his kids to play with my brothers and I. Without contact for about 20 years, only knowing each other existed from afar, we ran into each other again at a graduation party for Jon’s cousin in June of 2014. He went for the handshake, I went for the hug, we dominated at kanjam and the rest in history.

I had been training in Utica and he met me for lunch. We went our separate ways as I had some work to do and he went grocery shopping. Just your average Monday. He had picked up the ring the Friday before but was thinking of elaborate plans but just had a moment of clarity and decided it was happening. I was clueless and got home (he had been scrambling to make a last minute plan come together so even tried stalling me…didn’t work) annoyed to find the door locked even though he was home. When I opened the door candles were laid out everywhere, some making an E and then he spelled ‘will’ and ‘you’ up the stairs with Cheerios (we have a random inside joke with them)  and a flower and bottle of wine were waiting at the top, before got to him on his knee to finish the sentence. He gives me a hard time because I was eating the cheerios as I came up the stairs. I was kind of in disbelief for a moment. After we had a lot of fun telling friends and family either on the phone or over facetime.

Us. We wanted it to be as personal as possible. Especially when it ended up getting so big, we wanted to make sure details didn’t get lost and end up not reflecting who we are. Having it at my parent’s house was special because I spent the majority of my life growing up there, technically it is the first place we met way back when we played as kids, and we still spend a lot of time there with my family. It is also a pretty great property! Neither one of us are religious so the location of the ceremony was not a huge factor…but spending time outside is something that is super important to both of us so it fit very well. We wanted more of a woodsy, natural theme, staying away from anything super “Adirondack” or country/barn style because even though those two things are very prevalent in our lives, its not who we are per se. Having a lot of natural elements and being in the trees and by the pond were more relevant for us.

A lot of the time was spent apart so we did a lot in bursts. This was also the reason we decided to use a wedding planner, to help us facilitate things because neither one of us was in NY for most of the lead up. We wanted to keep things as simple as possible, which always ended up getting more complicated than maybe we wanted but then always worked out fine! Our biggest concerns was making sure we had the people there we wanted, a band, & good food and drinks. Everything else was second fiddle to that.

We used The Knot a lot, just because it did a great job of organizing things and because Jon and I were rarely in the same place for the first half of the process, having things organized online, accessible from anywhere, was really nice. For the same reason, Google Docs and Drive was used frequently just so we could see and work on the same things and stay up to speed. A good friend of mine who had recently gotten married gave me the idea and a loose template of things they used, which was cool. We both spent a lot of time on Pinterest as well…

I was part of a very close friend’s wedding who hired Gavin as her videographer and it was the first time I had really seen someone’s wedding video. I might be biased but it was so good and fun to watch.  I feel like so many things can be captured that might otherwise be missed. I have known Gavin since we went to school together in Remsen so both seeing the phenomenal work from another wedding, and knowing he’s been doing videography for a long time made him our first choice.

We exchanged gifts, but we knew that was going to happen. I got a jersey signed for Jon by his favorite NBA player of all time so I think that was a pretty serious surprise. We rode in on the train which initially was going to be kind of a surprise, but people ended up finding out about it and the timing of it happened so it wasn’t like a theatrical/grand entrance or anything (many people hadn’t arrived yet and the main area to gather wasn’t by the tracks) so the surprise factor was lost a bit.

Take all the advice from as many professionals and people with experience as you can, but at the end of the day its your time to be selfish and make it exactly how you want to. There are no rules.  The guest list is the hardest part, period. Be conscientious of the lengths guests have to go to in order to attend, but don’t worry too much about accommodating everyone. It is impossible and keep reminding yourself how many weddings you may (or maybe you haven’t..) been to where you simply found a place to stay and made it a weekend. That is just what people do. If it is important to them to share your day they will make it happen! It took me a while to come to terms with this but is extra stress that is unnecessary.

Dancing literally the entire time the band played. Having so many people from such different parts of our lives come together was amazing and one of the best details. Seeing all the hard work of our family and close friends who offered helping hands or supplies or anything, come together and be more perfect than we could have imagined. There were so many late night conversations in my parent’s kitchen about plans and ideas and thoughts and opinions and it was hard for us sometimes to give exact words to our vision, but everyone involved in making it happen did so perfectly even without having maybe the best guidance!

Don’t fret too much about the little details, unless thats your thing and you really want to!! Amazon is your best friend and DIY projects are not always worth it…so focus on the couple projects that are meaningful and worth it and then suck it up and hire someone or buy the rest!

Don’t stress about the weather because it is the ONE thing you absolutely cannot control.

The Stone Barn [Erin’s family property]

The Stone Barn

Jordan Marcel, Inc.

Jordan Marcel, Inc.

Holy Smoques BBQ


BHLDN & Lucky Brand

Bill Levkoff

Lucky Brand & Old Navy

Banana Republic

Men’s Warehouse

Triple Effects

Ashtyn McMichael

Kallie Bjerke/ Shine Design for invites and Jordan Marcel, Inc for day of signage

Jordan Marcel, Inc

Jessica Porter


Lennon’s- W.B. Wilcox Jewlers

Adirondack Scenic Railroad

Last Left for reception and Travis Rocco for cocktail hour

Jordan Marcel, Inc