Steph & Chris at Hotel Utica
September 10, 2013[/embed]

Chris and Stephany are a couple I will never forget. They are both the type of people who light up a room with infectious smiles, when they laugh it is impossible not to laugh with them. That type of radiance is a rare quality, but they found it in each other. One of the most inspiring things about Chris and Stephany is how they kept the excitement and passion about each other for so long, they have been together for 12 years! Even still, they hold hands, flirt, and look at each other like they had just begun to fall in love. The way they were talking about each other, the wedding, and their future had a few of us in tears!
The wedding ceremony was held at Historic St. John’s Church in Utica. The beautiful ceremony reflected  their commitment to their faith and each other. With their families and friends before them, they made a commitment to each other to love unconditionally, and everyone could see how truely in love these two are.
After the ceremony, we headed to downtown Utica for their portraits and reception. The entire time they walked on air, it was really amazing to see just how happy Chris and Stephany are together. The wedding reception was held at Hotel Utica, in the gorgeous hotel lobby. As soon as the floor was open for dancing, we could tell the party was not going to end anytime soon. The energy on that dance floor was so intense, they didn’t quit until after 1 in the morning! It was great to see how much fun these two can have, and how they really know how to conquer a dance floor! Congratulations again to Chris and Stephany, I am so glad you let me a part of your big day!
Gavin & Nicole