We met at Cavallos in New Hartford back in November 2011. I was out on Thanksgiving Eve having a late birthday celebration with my friends who were home from college. As we were leaving the bar, Brandon was just arriving and he stopped and talked to a mutual friend who was in my group. I left to go to the car and he apparently had asked the mutual friend what my name was. The next day I receive a Facebook message of him introducing himself. Even though I saw him in person and thought he was cute (and knew he was a real person, who also knew a good friend) the message seemed a weird way to initially communicate…. so I ignored it! That next Friday night, I went out with my friends again to the same spot. He was coincidently there as well. He came up to me and teased me for not answering his message. After striking up small conversation, we hung out that entire night and the rest happened from there….

we were in Disney world (my all time favorite place) with my now Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law. As we entered the park, Brandon asked to take a picture in front of the castle. As we posed, he pointed in the opposite direction and said “look over there”. I looked. When I turned back around he was on his knee. The Disney photographer caught the whole thing and my sister-in-law even got it on video!

we chose the Turning Stone because of its beauty and it’s convenience! We knew we were going to have a lot of out-of-towners so having everything in one place was important.

We wanted our wedding to be classic but fun. We tried to mix in some old traditions with newer and fun details! It was important for us to have a wedding that everyone could have fun at… older and young!

we wanted the planning process to be fun. We tried not to procrastinate and we utilized our vendors as much as we could to help us! A little research went a long way in finding the right vendors and we were able to find one ones that were all 110% professional and didn’t break the bank! Pinterest was great for brainstorming and tips. We ultimately just went with the flow of our vision and didn’t mind spending a little extra on key elements of the wedding.

It was important to both of us to not only have our wedding day documented, but it was even more important to capture our family and friends on video to look back on for years to come. It was the only time where we would have all the most important people in our lives together in one room and that was something we didn’t want to leave just up to memory.

we did exchange gifts for each other. I gave Brandon an engraved pocket watch and Star Wars cuff links (to feed his obsession) and he surprised me with a beautiful diamond tennis braclet. We both wore our gifts to the ceremony and reception!

Our Magic Mirror photobooth wasn’t exactly a surprise but it was very unique and our guests seemed to really enjoy it!

Don’t procrastinate.

Do your research for everything! You learn a lot that way!

Only do everything in increments of enjoyment. Don’t do everything to the point of stress! But you only can if you don’t procrastinate 🙂

my favorite part of the day was entering the reception as husband and wife and finally getting to sit down at our sweetheart table together to relax for a few minutes and look around at everyone and absorb the magic of the day.

If you want something, find a way to make it work whether it is through a vendor or DIY. Don’t regret not fulfilling your vision!

Also make sure to have fun with your girls in the morning getting ready 🙂 it’s a great was to feel less nervous!

We were fortunate enough to have a perfect wedding day in our eyes. I wish for anyone reading this that their wedding is everything they want as well. We can’t thank our families, friends and professionals enough for helping us!

The Lodge at Turning Stone Casino

Shenandoah Clubhouse At Turning Stone

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Phia James Wedding

Turning Stone

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Phia James Wedding

Phia James Wedding and Betsy Johnson

Phia James Wedding

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Hair – Carla Colangelo (bride) and Espo & Co (bridesmaids)

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We donated to local animal shelters in lieu

Kay Jewelers

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HUGE shout out to Gavin!!